P.J. Soles is a Part of ‘Halloween Kills’

One of our favorite Halloween alums of all time is totally P.J. Soles, who so perfectly played Lynda in John Carpenter’s original Halloween and then returned in a voice cameo as Allyson’s teacher in Halloween 2018, and she just revealed that she is also a part of the upcoming sequel Halloween Kills.

During a Q&A at this past weekend’s Mad Monster Party horror convention in Arizona, Soles revealed to moderator Levi Tinker that, “In the next one, there is something with me in it,” speaking about Halloween Kills.

That “something” is most likely some sort of flashback to Lynda’s 1978 murder, similar to the Judith Myers murder flashback in the graveyard scene from the 2018 film, but we will have to wait for Michael Myers’ big return this October to know for sure exactly how P.J. Soles is featured.

In a clip posted on the official Mad Monster YouTube channel, Soles also talks about doing her voice cameo for David Gordon Green’s Halloween 2018, in which she speaks about fate and quotes Frankl, stating, “I understand that even someone who has nothing left in this world may still know bliss,” and even gets one of her trademark “Totally” moments in there, a nod to her original Halloween character Lynda, when the teacher concludes, “His message is totally hopeful. Even in the most disparaging of conditions, life can find its meaning, and conversely so can one’s suffering.”

Halloween Kills will be released in theaters on October 15.

You can watch Mad Monster’s exclusive clip of P.J. Soles discussing Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills below.

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