New Spirit Halloween 2021 Orange Band Teaser Hints at More Animatronics

Spirit Halloween has been having a lot fun with some really cool viral marketing teasing some of their upcoming releases in recent weeks, and now today they have dropped even more hints in an alternate “orange band” version of the Graveyard Shift teaser that was previously released.

Spirit’s 2021 marketing kicked off when a number of Halloween enthusiasts, including Halloween Daily News, were sent a mysterious sneak peek box with various clues and hints about some of this year’s animatronics. You can watch our unboxing video here. Next, they released an official teaser video which further hinted at some of what we suspected based on the promo box and dropped more clues. You can watch our teaser video breakdown here.

Then last week we and a few other enthusiasts were again contacted, this time through a direct message on Instagram, in which Spirit sent us a teaser poster, for which you can watch our full breakdown here.

And now the link to a currently unlisted video on Spirit’s YouTube channel has been revealed to those who hit the link within the Spirit’s Instagram story, revealing the orange band teaser for The Graveyard Shift, which includes quite a few different shots of previously unseen new animatronics.

You can watch the new orange band teaser below, and then watch our breakdown video here.

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