Spirit Halloween Reveals New 2021 Animatronics

Following a wildly fun viral marketing buildup that started with a sneak peek box in the mail, Spirit Halloween‘s mysterious Graveyard Shift countdown culminated this morning with the highly anticipated reveal of numerous new 2021 animatronics.

About an hour before the countdown even ended, Spirit released an official Graveyard Shift trailer on YouTube, officially giving our fist look many new animatronics for 2021, including Ghostface from Scream, Beetlejuice, Shorty from Killer Klowns from Outer Space, the previously teased Mr. Howle werewolf and multiheaded Henry Hustle, a digital-eyed skeleton named Grim, the sure to be popular Buzzsaw with a circular saw in place of one hand and a giant mallet in place of the other, the cemetery Caretaker, the Night Stalker scarecrow, and the much anticipated return of Wacky Mole.

But that’s clearly just the beginning, as many others are teased with brief glimpses near the end of the trailer.

You can watch the trailer below, and check back here after 11:00 a.m. to see more photos and videos.

UPDATED: We’ve included additional information, videos, and links to order each member of the Graveyard Shift “cast” below. Please refresh this page for the latest version.

Watch our special HDN LIVE Spirit Halloween 2021 Graveyard Shift Discussion and Breakdown here.

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5.4 Ft. Ghostface Animatronic

Better watch your back when Ghostface is in town… and don’t even think about picking up that telephone. The master of stalking prey loves to manipulate his victims before sneaking up and landing a deadly strike with his hunting knife. His motivation is unclear, as you never know who could be donning the Ghostface mask next! He lurks and hides in the shadows with his black robe and moves as swiftly as the cold wind as he prepares to go on his next killing spree.

The Ghostface animatronic pops out from behind a corner, moving both the left and right, ideal for a killer jump scare.

Priced at $129.99 and expected to ship on or before Sept. 15, you can order online here.

5.8 Ft. Beetlejuice Animatronic

Need a scare done right? Say “Beetlejuice” three times and the perfect man for the job will appear! A true undead professional, Beetlejuice’s bold personality and even bolder style will freeze anyone in their tracks. His over the top presence and rude jokes are enough to overwhelm any person living or dead and once summoned, getting rid of him is not always so simple, just ask the Maitlands. After failing in his plan to escape the Neitherworld and roam the world freely by marrying Lydia Deetz, he was sent to the waiting room for the deceased where he waits for the next unlucky person to summon him to roam once again.

The Beetlejuice animatronic’s torso begins turns from side to side as he taunts you with some of his iconic phrases from the classic 1988 Tim Burton movie.

Priced at $279.99 and expected to ship on or before Sept. 15, you can order online here.

5 Ft. Short Killer Klowns from Outer Space Animatronic

After a strange glowing object from space crashed down onto Earth just outside of Crescent Cove, the evil clownish aliens known as the “Klowns” emerged to have their twisted fun and wreak havoc this Halloween. Leaving remains of popcorn and cotton candy cocoons, these Killer Klowns have plenty of tricks up their sleeves. Shorty is one of the wildest of the bunch with his bright yellow clown suit, wacky green hair, and his creepy red nose and smile. Equipped with a cotton candy ray gun and a giant boxing glove, he’ll have no problem knocking you silly! Now Shorty and his fellow Killer Klowns roam the streets in search of volunteers for their next very special performance! Once you get a ticket to this Killer Klown circus, there’s no guarantee you’ll make it out alive.

The Shorty animatronic sways his head and moves his arms up and down, and includes removable boxing gloves.

He will soon be available to order online here.

7 Ft. Mr. Howle Animatronic

Burt Howle never thought his love of hunting would become his curse. An experienced marksman, Burt spent weeks camping and trekking through the northwest territories hunting wild game until nature decided it had enough of his trophy hunting ways. Late one night, under the full moon, the wolf king descended from its mountain den and left Burt with a single bite. He considered himself lucky only until the next full moon, when the change began. Now every month, Burt transforms into a ravenous werewolf and is hunted like an animal as he tries to survive until morning.

Mr. Howle has ferocious head movements and rising arms. Once he tilts his head back to show off his light-up LED eyes, gnarly teeth, and huge jaw, you better hope you’re not in biting range.

Priced at $299.99 and shipping on or before Aug. 31, you can order online here.

5.8 Ft. Henry Hustle Animatronic

Pick a card, any card! Henry guarantees you will end up with the dead man’s hand. He wasn’t always so cruel, but when the circus left town with his money & bag of tricks, he snapped. It didn’t help that the ringmaster ran off with his Mrs. Hustle! Now the deck is stacked against anyone unlucky enough to play a hand with him because while you are following the queen, his daughter Harriet is busy robbing you blind… or worse! 

The Henry Hustle animatronic features white light-up LED eyes and arms that move up and down to reveal your card before popping his head up for the ultimate jump scare.

Priced at $229.99 and shipping on or before Sept. 15, you can order online here.

6 Ft. Grim Animatronic 

Watch out when the sun dips below the horizon and the dark blanket of night lays across your sleepy little town because Grim and his tortured, undead brethren rise to stalk the lives of the living. Cursed to walk the night for eternity, reaping misfortune and ghastly dread to anyone unlucky enough to cross their path. Don’t be fooled by their wicked sense of humor, or else while you are laughing, you might find that your funny bone, along with the rest of your skeleton, ends up part of their army – forever!

This Grim skeleton animatronic uses a combination of three different servos. His head movement was programmed to turn side to side, nod up and down, and tilt left to right, all at the same time to create a lifelike, complex movement. In addition, two more servo motors are used to control the eye movement, allowing the eyes to realistically turn up and down and from side-to-side as he spits some bone-chilling phrases.

Priced at $279.99 and shipping on or before Aug. 31, you can order online here.

6 Ft. Buzzsaw Animatronic

Bill “Buzzsaw” Jackson never had much luck in the squared circle. His lumberjack routine just didn’t cut it with fans of the local wrestling circuit. Well, Buzzaw finally found his calling when he decided to swap his real hands for some twisted new upgrades that were sure to turn the tables in the ring. Unfortunately for Buzzsaw, the fans spent more time running for their lives than watching him wrestle. Now, instead of body-slamming his opponents, he’s busy racking up victims and running from the law!

The Buzzsaw animatronic features a large mallet on one hand and a terrifying buzzsaw that spins on the other. His LED light-up eyes and his torso turns left and right.

Priced at $279.99 and shipping or before Aug. 31, you order online here.

5 Ft. Night Stalker Animatronic 

You work from sun up to sundown, tending the fields, babying your crops and livestock to eke out a living. Then one morning, you wake up to find dead birds strewn across your fields, and all your wheat crop smashed and bent over, and you swear to yourself that your scarecrow is smiling now. The other farmers tell you stories about missing chickens and uprooted vegetable crops. You chuckle and think it’s a good thing that he’s stuck to that wooden stake, but just in case, you start sleeping with your favorite machete next to the bed.

The Night Stalker animatronic has light-up LED eyes and moves its head from side-to-side while making creepy laughing sounds.

Priced at $179.99 and shipping on or before Aug. 31, you can order online here.

5.8 Ft. Wacky Mole Animatronic

The carnival is finally back in town! The main street is full of the smell of funnel cakes, hot dogs, the sound of kiddie rides, and the screams of terrified children running for their lives. Wacky Mole is rolling back into town with his hammer and a wicked game after an extended stay at the Big Top Rest Home for Nervous Clowns. Be warned, it’s free to play, but the prize is escaping with your life!

Originally released in 2013, the fan-favorite Wacky Mole animatronic is back, featuring a rotating waist, light-up LED eyes, a sinister smile, and awesome blacklight responsive details that will have him glowing in any black-lit setting.

Priced at $ and shipping on or before , you can order online here.

5.7 Ft. Caretaker Animatronic

When someone calls for The Caretaker, you best stay out of his path. Hospitality isn’t on his mind. When you see his gnarled visage dragging a tombstone through your streets, you best hope he is not coming for your loved ones because the Caretaker is no ordinary grave digger. He arrives for those whose sins are so dark only he can be trusted to safely bury them along with the body before they escape and come for us all.

The Caretaker animatronic features yellow LED light-up eyes and arms that move up and down to lift his shovel.

He will soon be available to order online here.

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