[Interview] Salem Collins on Facing Michael Myers in ‘Halloween Kills’

One of the new characters we will meet in the highly anticipated sequel Halloween Kills is “Christy”, a trick or treater played by 14-year-old Salem Collins, who had just turned 12 when she was cast in the movie back in 2019 and had no idea that she was about to come face to face with Michael Myers.

In our exclusive new video interview, we talked to Salem about getting the part of Christy, trick or treating in a Silver Shamrock mask, and seeing The Shape of pure evil for the first time.

Collins plays one of the young girls on the swing set in the final Halloween Kills trailer, a scene she discusses filming during the interview, explaining that she has never seen any of the previous Halloween movies, so when she first laid eyes on Michael Myers on the set, her terror was very real. We also talked about working with Kyle Richards, who is reprising her role as Lindsey Wallace from the original 1978 Halloween, and forging deep bonds with two of her other young castmates, adding that they are all best friends now, two years after being chased through the night by Michael Myers.

Describing her character Christy, Collins says, “If you take the person that you fear most, and put it in child form – she is insanely menacing. You mess with her friends, you’re dead. She’s like the leader of the pack. She’s pretty intense. I think she’s the youngest of the three (trick or treaters). She’s the smallest definitely. That was ironic as well, because both (co-stars J. Gavin Wilde and Giselle Raina) were taller than I was, but I was supposed to be the leader, and it was insane seeing Giselle and how tall she was, and then Gavin up here, and then I’m just like standing there in the middle, 4.6′ me just standing there. But yeah, she can be mean.” 

You can watch our full exclusive interview with Salem Collins on her experiences playing Christy and meeting Michael Myers in Halloween Kills below.

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