[Interview] Giselle Witt on Playing Mindy in ‘Halloween Kills’

After filming scenes for the 2018 Halloween that were ultimately not used in then final film, Giselle Witt was invited back to Haddonfield to play the new character “Mindy” in the highly anticipated sequel Halloween Kills, and we recently talked to Witt about what this opportunity means to her, becoming part of the Halloween franchise family, and more.

In our exclusive new video interview, Giselle, who is now 14 years old and was 12 when she filmed HK, discussed her experiences on both sets, making friends while running from Michael Myers, and much more in a fun conversation.

On being invited back to Haddonfield for the sequel, Witt tells HDN, “It was definitely very out of the blue. Just to be someone that gets opportunities that many, many kids my age or just people in general don’t have. It’s something that I’m very honored to have the opportunity to do. It’s something I’m passionate about, and I can pursue a career in. People do say it doesn’t feel like you’re working if you’re having fun, and this is definitely one of those things. 

When asked if she has plans for how she’ll watch the new film for the first time, Giselle explains, “I wasn’t originally supposed to be allowed to watch Halloween Kills, but at my dad’s house, he let’s me watch horror movies all the time… I hate jump scares. I live near Busch Gardens and some people I know were like, ‘Hey, you want to go to Howl-o-Scream?’ So I went the other day and I had to literally buy a $15 necklace that lights up so they don’t scare you. That’s what I did. ‘You’re in a horror movie but you don’t like being scared?’ I like suspense, I like blood, I like guts, but if you jump out at me, I’m going to scream and smack you.

“I do (have plans). I’m seeing it, not on Thursday night at midnight because it is a school day, and my father will not be here. My stepdad is currently deployed. He’s in Qatar. He comes back at the end of this month. He’s been gone for a year, so it’s been hard, especially for my mom, who has four kids, all by herself for this long. Bless her soul. So we can’t really go out to see films, because there’s no one to watch my brothers. So my dad is driving down here, and we’re going to pick up some friends and we’re going to go watch it October 15th at 7:30. I’m very excited for it. 

“I decided I really wanted to get bougie and go to a theater that has reclining chairs and tables, and a little red button and when you press it, a waiter will come bring you a menu, and you can eat and watch the movie at the same time.”

On now being a part of the Halloween legacy, Witt tells us, “It is so incredibly shocking, but also it’s such an honor to be a part of such a big franchise, being the first slasher film. It’s so mind-blowing. No one that I know has this opportunity at all. I’m even in a schools of the arts, I go to two different high schools just for theater so I can be a part of it, and no one else has had any opportunities like I have.

“I was actually in class today, and there was a girl who ran into my class and she was just talking to her friends behind me, and she was like, ‘Giselle’s in a movie.’ She’s been saying that to everyone all week. I just heard her talking and I was like, ‘What?’ I don’t have TikTok, and at a football game she came up tome and she was like, ‘Giselle, your trailer that you’re in on TikTok has like 500,000 likes. And I was like, ‘Whoa, that’s so cool.’

“My teachers are so supportive. They’ve shown the clips and trailers in class. Today I told my English teacher they released my scene on YouTube. She said, ‘What’s the title of this video?’ She pulled it up, she didn’t even ask me if it was school appropriate or not, she just put it up on the screen. So that’s just kind of how that’s been, and it’s very cool.” 

Of course we also discussed celebrating Halloween itself, as Giselle reveals that her favorite costume she’s ever worn so far was when she dressed up as Michael Myers in 2020.

You can watch our full exclusive interview with Giselle Witt on playing Mindy in Halloween Kills below.

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