Watch ‘Halloween 4’ Opening Credits Shot-for-Shot 2021 Recreation

Filmmaker Michael Ballif, the indie production collective Witching Season Films, gave us all a Halloween treat this past weekend when he released his 2021 shot-for-shot recreation of iconic opening credits sequence in the 1988 sequel Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.

In the video’s description, Ballif explains, “As an effort to show our ultimate appreciation and love for the iconic opening title sequence to Halloween 4, we’ve put together this little homage. Our goal was to both show our love for the film and its stunning, atmospheric intro while also capturing and sharing what the existing filming locations look like, 33 years later. Thank you to all the fans who helped us to find them and to the owners who so graciously allowed us to film. We suggest you play the original credits alongside this video for the full experience.”

On Instagram, Ballif further states, “Many of my friends know that Halloween 4 is my favorite of the franchise. The opening title sequence is iconic. I’ve never seen anything that does a better job capturing the beautiful, spooky, nostalgic atmosphere of Halloween. It isn’t hyperbole when I say that this this intro shaped me as a filmmaker in many ways. It was the key inspiration for the intro of my anthology The Witching Season. It was also highly influential in my Halloween Atmospheres series, which is essentially a 35 minute homage to it. Let’s just say, this opening sequence means a lot to me.

The homage was filmed and edited by Ballif, featuring music by Randin Graves, camera assistance from Jeffrey Ackerman, and props, again recreated to appear just as in the original, by Sadie Z. Ballif and Jake Watters.

You can watch Witching Season’s Halloween 4: An Homage to the Opening Credits below.

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Watch ‘Halloween 4’ Opening Credits Shot-for-Shot 2021 Recreation