Distortions Unlimited Unveils New Jack Widow Spider Pumpkin Prop for 2022

Distortions Unlimited is wasting no time in revealing their new Halloween props to be released in 2022, including the wicked looking “Jack Widow” Spider Pumpkin prop.

In an official unboxing video released this week on the Distortions Unlimited YouTube channel, Ed Edmunds and Tom Cassidy showcase the Jack Widow Halloween prop, a giant spider and jack-o-lantern hybrid available for 2022, featuring glowing LED lights.

From the video description: Jack Widow has striking detail, long bendable legs for posing and two LED lights that create an eerie glow for your pumpkin spider. The evil looking hour glass on the spider’s abdomen signals BEWARE.

The giant spider pumpkin prop is handcrafted and painted at Distortions Unlimited. It is made of latex and foam filled with metal armature. Its body is three feet long from head to tail, and its legs, which span up to five feet wide, can be posed and positioned to create various looks. It can also be hung or mounted using the included chain in the abdomen.

Distortions has also recently revealed their T Rex wall mount prop, also new for 2022.

You can see Distortions Unlimited’s new 2022 Jack Widow Spider Pumpkin prop unboxing and assembly video, as well as a feature on creating the four different paint color designs available for the T Rex wall mount prop, below.

These new 2022 products are available now at DistortionsUnlimited.com.

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Matt Artz

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