‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Game New Details from Mad Monster Q&A

During a Q&A panel at the Mad Monster Party horror convention last weekend in North Carolina, Gun Media’s Creative Director Ronnie Hobbs and Lead Community Developer Matt Szep were joined by Kane Hodder, who plays Leatherface in the recently announced The Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game, revealing some exciting new details about what players can expect.

After re-confirming that Leatherface will be “joined by some more specific talents,” the game creators revealed, “You cannot kill the killers in this game. Unlike Friday (the 13th: The Game), there won’t be a lot of weapons, there’s not going to be a huge combat system where you can team up on Leatherface. This is strictly about survival.”

While Hodder performed the motion capture for Leatherface, it was also revealed that he is joined in the game by Halloween (2007) co-stars Scout Taylor Compton (watch our interview here) and Kristina Klebe, as well Sean Whalen (The People Under the Stairs), all of whom are playing characters not yet announced. We do know from the Q&A that both the Cook and the Hitchhiker from Tobe Hooper’s original 1974 Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be featured in the game, along with the obvious Leatherface.

As for the time period in which the game takes place, it was confirmed that is a prequel to the events of Hooper’s 1974 film (which takes place in the summer of 1973). A missing persons poster was also revealed at the panel, introducing an original new character from the game, named Maria Flores.

Speaking about Maria, Hobbs explained, “She’s a college student at the University of Texas, and she’s really the catalyst of the main character that sets all the events in motion. She loves to go out and see the Texas wildflowers during wildflower season. People come from all over the world to see that, so if you live there, you definitely go out and see it.

“Well, unfortunately, on one of her trips, she runs into one of the family members – a new one. It’s their encounter that kind of leads Maria’s sister and her friends to come searching for poor Maria. She’s not a playable character, but her friends are.

“That’s kind of our story. It takes place about five or six months before (the original film), that way the original family is still in tact, the hitchhiker is still alive, and you get to see those original environments from the film – the house, the gas station, and we’ve got another one there, as well.”    

Be sure to read what Kane Hodder said about how his portrayal of Leatherface in the game honors his friend and original Leatherface, the late Gunnar Hansen, here.

Mad Monster Party took place Feb. 18-20 in Concord, North Carolina.

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