Lava Demon 2022 Animatronic Unboxing and Review [Video]

We were pleasently surprised a few weeks ago when Party City sent us the brand new life-size Lava Demon animatronic with fog effect to test out ahead of its 2022 release online and at Halloween City stores.

The Lava Demon stands at a towering 7.5 feet tall, and comes equipped with a hose that can attach to a fog machine to produce smoke coming from his massive horns.

The sculpts of the head, hands, legs, and huge tail are outstanding, as he speaks a total of six different phrases.

He features two points of animation, turning at both the waist and head, and is motion sensor activated.

You can watch our full unboxing, setup, demo, and review of the new Lava Demon animatronic below.

Priced at $270, you can buy this animatronic here.

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