‘A Really Haunted Loud House’ Halloween Movie Coming this Fall

Nickelodeon has given a green light to A Really Haunted Loud House, an original feature-length Halloween movie based on the network’s hit live-action series The Really Loud House, starring the show’s Season One cast.

A Really Haunted Loud House will follow Lincoln Loud and his best friend Clyde as they decide between trick or treating and the signature Loud family Spooktacular or attending a party hosted by Xander, the cool new kid at school, according to a press release.

Season One cast reprising their roles in the movie include Wolfgang Schaeffer, as Lincoln Loud; Brian Stepanek, as Lynn Loud Sr.; Jolie Jenkins, as Rita Loud; Eva Carlton, as Leni Loud; Sophia Woodward, as Luna Loud; Catherine Bradley, as Luan Loud; Annaka Fourneret, as Lynn Loud; Aubin Bradley, as Lucy Loud; Ella Allan, as Lola Loud; Mia Allan, as Lana Loud; Lexi Janicek, as Lisa Loud; Lexi DiBenedetto, as Lori Loud; and August Michael Peterson, as Lily Loud. Jahzir Bruno plays Lincoln’s best friend, Clyde McBride.

The film is directed by Jonathan Judge (The Really Loud House, Life in Pieces, All That) and written by Tony Gama-Lobo and Rebecca May (Rise of the TMNT), with revisions by Tim Hobert (The MiddleScrubsCommunity).

A second season was also announced today for The Really Loud House, based on the Emmy-winning animated series The Loud House, ranked as the top kids’ live action show on cable among Kids 6-11 during its first season, which debuted in November 2022.

A Really Haunted Loud House will premiere this fall on Nickelodeon and Paramount+.

The cast of ‘A Really Haunted Loud House’

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