Try To Stop Michael Myers in ‘Halloween II’ Official Tabletop Game

A brand new officially licensed tabletop board game Halloween II: The Game is coming from Fright-Rags and Stop the Killer, and the Kickstarter campaign kicked off recently with the release a seven-minute trailer.

As we previously reported on our YouTube channel, Fright-Rags and Stop the Kill have teamed up for a new board game, and now the exclusive first edition of Halloween II: The Game is available to pre-order on Kickstarter.

From the official announcement: Michael Myers is back in the retro-style tabletop game based on the classic slasher sequel. Play as Dr. Loomis, Jimmy, Sheriff Brackett, Nurse Karen, and more characters from the film as you try to stop The Shape from reaching Haddonfield Memorial Hospital and killing Laurie Strode.

Made for 1-4 players, Halloween II: The Game features a double-sided board that allows Michael to stalk and kill with three levels of difficulty. Collect weapons, face obstacles, set up roadblocks, draw unpredictable cards, answer trivia questions, and flick the retro spinner to determine your fate.

The Kickstarter-exclusive edition includes two expansion packs with eight additional player pieces (including Laurie Strode, Budd, Marion Chambers, and others), 10 more game cards, and a trivia setback round. A variety of other upgrades will be unlocked if stretch goals are met.

Halloween II: The Game’s Kickstarter runs until July 13. Starting at $59, fulfillment is projected to begin in December.

An officially licensed Halloween tabletop board game is also coming this year, features playable characters from John Carpenter’s original 1978 classic, produced by Trick or Treat Studios, and there’s also the Halloween-inspired slasher board game 1978: The Night They Came Home coming in 2023, as well.

Check out the full seven-minute official trailer below, and learn more about the Kickstarter campaign here.

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Try To Stop Michael Myers in ‘Halloween II’ Official Tabletop Game