Lowe’s 2023 Halloween Animatronics In Store Launch Date Confirmed [Exclusive]

HDN has an exclusive update on when new 2023 animatronics will launch in stores at Lowe’s home improvement locations, and we know exactly which ones will go out first.

While most of this year’s lineup of new Halloween products are already available to purchase online, the in-store displays are even more anticipated and, if we do say so, a bit magical when they begin appearing at physical retail outlets.

Halloween Daily News can exclusive report that six of this year’s animatronics will launch in Lowe’s stores on July 17, followed by the full assortment of 2023 releases to begin resetting in stores on August 14.

Among the first to be released include the newest addition to the hugely popular, towering giant-scale lineup, a 12-foot Scarecrow animatronic, as well as a new 9-foot Zombie animatronic, and more.

You can watch our latest video report below to learn which animatronics are the chosen first six to arrive in stores and see each of them in action.

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