[Interview] Channah Zeitung Talks ‘Natty Knocks’, Halloween, and More

One of this year’s most anticipated Halloween horror movies, Natty Knocks is a new slasher that brings Danielle Harris, Robert Englund, and Bill Moseley together with a talented cast of newcomers, and HDN talked to Channah Zeitung about her lead role in the film, working on the film with Halloween 4 director Dwight Little, what she learned from her genre icon co-stars, and more.

At just 15 years old, Zeitung is already an accomplished martial artist with a 3rd Degree Black Belt and 18 world championships, and Natty Knocks, is her feature film debut, playing the central role of Jolie, sister of one of the main characters and the daughter of Danielle Harris’s character.

In film, the son of a former B-movie scream queen avenges his mom’s witch-like murder at the hands of local townspeople on Halloween Eve. It is directed by Dwight Little, who gave Harris her debut in the breakout role of Jamie Lloyd in his 1988 sequel Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.

In a fun and relaxed video conversation earlier this week, speaking about her famous co-stars, all of whom initially rose to fame long before she was born, Zeitung tells HDN that Harris definitely shared advice on navigating an acting career at such a young age. “We were like a real mother and daughter,” she said. “We were always chatting. I met her I think on my third day on set. She walked in and was like, ‘Hi, I’m Danielle Harris,’ and I’m like – she said it so nonchalant – she said, ‘Nice to meet you guys. What’s up?’ She was an angel.

“She sat down in the makeup chair right next mine, and we were just talking, telling me, ‘I started with Dwight’ and it was the most amazing conversation I’ve ever had with her. And then throughout the whole shooting we were just talking real heart to heart, about what I want to be when I grow up, is this what I really want, and all that. Real mother and daughter talks.” 

Bill Moseley adds another unhinged character to his resume in Natty Knocks, but Channah told us that he was anything but that when off camera. “So I’ve seen his characters he’s played,” she said, “and he is very creepy and scary. But he was darling. He is super sweet, very enjoyable. He had so many stories, and he made me laugh every second of the day. I got to see him on the set quite a lot, so I ate lunch with him. I miss him. I miss seeing him. He’s super fun.” 

While she doesn’t share much screen time with Robert Englund, she did get to spend some quality time with the legendary actor in between takes on set. “I got to meet him I think twice on set,” she said. “There was one time I kind of snuck onto set, because it was my off day and I was like, ‘Oh, Robert Englund’s on set, let’s go say hi.’ I snuck onto set and it was like lunch time, and he goes, ‘Oh, you’re Jolie.’ I’m like. ‘Yep, that’s me.’ Charlotte (Fountain-Jardim, who plays babysitter Britt in the film) was with me.

“We took some pictures and he sat me down and said, ‘Let me tell you a story.’ He’s telling me this great story of him on set and being Freddy Krueger, and I was just like, wow, he could go on and on with like 30 different stories. He was super fun. I miss seeing everyone on that set.” 

Of course we talked about celebrating Halloween, as Channah describes her family’s home haunt and attending Halloween Horror Nights this year, and much more about her experiences making Natty Knocks in our lively and candid discussion.

You can watch our full exclusive interview with Channah Zeitung below.

Natty Knocks is out now on Digital (watch on Amazon Prime Video here), and also available to own on Blu-ray and on DVD.

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