Halloween Horror Comedy ‘The Unearthly’ Announced

A new feature film horror comedy, The Unearthly has just been announced, with pre-production underway.

Patrick Warburton (Scream 3, Seinfeld, Ted) will star in and produce the independent film, which is described as “blending elements of sci-fi, comedy, and horror,” as first reported by Deadline.

In the film, a team of paranormal investigators live-stream a “Halloween Special” ghost hunt of a notorious haunted mansion, ultimately finding the source of the evil at hand to be far more deadly than they ever could have imagined.

Warburton plays a character named Tank McCrary, who the report says is “an old school paranormal investigator in the style of Ed Warren and Peter James, who hosted over 20 live television specials in the ’90s before an incident ruined his career. Stubborn and egotistical, he likes to do things his way. He doesn’t trust technology, relying on his analog tape recorder, archaic EMF meter, and his own smarts in his ghost hunting. His goal is to reclaim the glory and success he enjoyed at the peak of his fame.”

The Unearthly is set to go into production in Connecticut early this year, with Josh Sternfeld (Fortress: Sniper’s Eye) directing for Centerboro Productions, from a script written by Michael K. Anderson, Patricia A. Beninati, Jeff Knight, and John Gross. Final Destination writer Jeffrey Reddick and The Blair Witch Project director Dan Myrick are executive producers on this project.

Sternfeld tells Deadline, “I’m so excited to partner with Centerboro Productions and super talented Patrick Warburton on this fantastic project. The script has all the makings of a wild comedy-horror combo. Having always loved films like The Cabin in the Woods and Shaun of the Dead – I know we are prepping to bring another original gem to this genre.

IMDb currently lists a few additional cast members, though they have not yet been officially confirmed, including Costas Mandylor (Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI) and Betsy-Blue English.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Unearthly as this new Halloween movie begins production.

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Matt Artz

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