[Interview] Director Gabriel Abrantes Talks ‘Amelia’s Children’, Halloween, and More

The original new horror movie Amelia’s Children arrives this week, bringing a twisted family reunion that uncovers a wicked family secret, and we recently talked to writer and director Gabriel Abrantes about the origin of the film and its ties to his real life family.

In a video conversation earlier this week, we talked about the “careful what you wish for” aspect of the story, and of course we also discussed what Halloween means to Abrantes.

You can watch our full exclusive video interview with Amelia’s Children writer and director Gabriel Abrantes below, premiering at 10:31 a.m. EST on Thursday, Feb. 29. (HDN YouTube Channel Members can watch it early now!)

Amelia’s Children will be released in theaters and on VOD this Friday, March 1.

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Matt Artz

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