[Interview] Jackie Cruz and Bo Mirhosseni Talk ‘History of Evil’ and Halloween

The original new horror movie History of Evil arrives this week, taking viewers to a near-future dystopia full of ghosts both good and bad, and we talked to Jackie Cruz (Orange is the New Black) about her pivotal role in the film and what real life political revolutionaries inspired her performance, and to writer-director Bo Mirhosseni about creating this unique genre bender.

In a video conversation last week, we talked about creating the world of the film, in which Cruz’s character Alegre is a Resistance leader on the run from a theocratic police state and hiding out in a haunted house. We also discussed what Halloween may look like in this ultra-religious landscape, and of course much more about celebrating Halloween itself.

You can watch our full exclusive video interview with History of Evil director Bo Mirhosseni and lead actress Jackie Cruz below.

History of Evil premieres on Shudder this Friday, Feb. 23.

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Matt Artz

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