Life-Size Art the Clown Animatronic Coming for Halloween 2024 from Party City

While we wait for this year’s sequel Terrifier 3, we have exciting news to share today, as a new life-size Art the Clown animatronic has been revealed, coming for Halloween 2024 from Party City.

Standing 6.5 feet tall, the Art the Clown animatronic moves side to side at the waist, while his head turns and his arm with the hacksaw from Terrifier in his right hand moves up and down, holding his horn in the left hand. His sound effects include creepy music, his horn, and the hacksaw sawing, and you can choose to pose him with or without the included sunflower glasses from Terrifier 2.

The officially licensed Terrifier Art the Clown animatronic will be released this summer, priced at $250, and will be available to order here.

UPDATE: A 4.8-foot Little Pale Girl animatronic has also been officially unveiled online, priced at $175, and will be available to order here.

You can see the first official images of the new Art the Clown animatronic and watch a glimpse of him in action in the promo video below.

Party City’s website teases that we can expect more first look reveals of other new 2024 animatronics in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to this site for updates.

Terrifier 3 recently wrapped filming and will arrive in theaters on October 25.

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