Spirit Halloween Releases First New 2024 Animatronic, Rick Ratman

Spirit Halloween continues their Halfway to Halloween celebration today by revealing their first new 2024 animatronic, available to order now online.

According to Spirit’s backstory for “Rick Ratman”: It all started with a subway rat and a leftover slice of pizza. Rick never understood what made passengers run away in terror whenever a rat crossed their path. He works the late shift at a 24-hour pizza joint and always goes out of his way to feed the little critters leftover scraps. After dozing off on a midnight train, Rick felt a sharp pain radiating from his head down his chest–like he had been shoved through a sausage grinder and then sliced against a cheese grater. His rat friends had decided that his pepperoni and anchovy body odor was too good to pass up. Once they started gnawing at his skin, they found the taste of his warm blood and organs even more enticing. Now his commute comes with a craving for dumpster food and a strong desire to linger by sewer grates. 

Standing 6.3 feet tall, the Rick Ratman animatronic is priced at $199, and it is currently in stock online and available to order here.

In related news, yesterday Spirit announced the 2024 return of a previously released favorite, and the 7-foot Clowning Around animatronic is also in stock for $319 and available to order here.

You can see them both in action below.

UPDATE 4/29/24: Spirit has also released two more new 2024 products – an officially licensed Mars Attacks misting Atomic Ray Gun with exclusive poster for $129.99 available here, and a 6-inch collectible statue of the Night Harvester animatronic for $39.99 available here.

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