[Interview] Daeg Faerch Talks Music, Michael Myers Memories, and More on MMM Live

One of the few individuals to ever appear on screen as Michael Myers in a Halloween movie, and one of even fewer to play the clown-costumed younger version of the iconic killer, our friend Daeg Faerch (aka Great Daeg) joined us on our Michael Myers Monday Live show this week, for an exclusive new interview and viewer Q&A, discussing his memories from Haddonfield shooting Rob Zombie’s 2007 Halloween remake, his new music, and more, including being recognized by The Weeknd on the set of Euphoria.

You can watch our full interview and viewer Q&A from this week’s Michael Myers Monday Live broadcast with special guest Daeg Fearch below (The interview starts at the 9:26 mark here.)

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Matt Artz

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