Party City Unveils 9FT Cthulhu and More New 2024 Halloween Animatronics

Party City kicked off their reveals of new 2024 Halloween products by introducing their officially licensed Art the Clown and Little Pale Girl animatronics, and they have continued to unveil more of this year’s new releases each week since, most recently previewing a killer nine-foot Cthulhu animatronic. Check Party City’s 2024 lineup so far and see them in action in the videos below.

The Cthulhu the Watcher animatronic stands at 9 feet tall, with lighted eyes and lantern, moving head, tentacle, and wings, and speaks, priced at $450, and will be available to order here.

The 4-foot tall Contaminated Kid animatronic is a two-headed goat, with moving head(s), and lighted eyes and mouth, priced at $275, available to order here.

The circus-themed fire-eating Dr. Payne animatronic stands 9.7 feet tall with lighted eyes, mouth, and torch, articulated waist, and is fog machine compatible. Priced at $325, he will be available to order here.

There is also the new 5.7-foot Terrifying Teddy Bear Skill Crane with a scary demon bear inside, priced at $250, available to order here.

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