Trick or Treat Studios Reveals ‘Star Trek’ Capt. Kirk Mask that Became Michael Myers

It’s #MichaelMyersMonday. so what better time to bring you news that Trick or Treat Studios is now taking pre-orders for their first mask from the newly acquired Star Trek license, a stellar reproduction of the original Don Post 1975 Captain Kirk, the same mask that was later transformed by Tommy Lee Wallace to become the iconic face of Michael Myers in John Carpenter’s Halloween.

The announcement was made when Trick or Treat Studios president Chris Zephro and art director Justin Mabry were guests last year on The Justin Beahm Radio Hour podcast, which is a fascinating and informative interview that you can listen to in full here.

Trick or Treat Studios has already held the licenses for and released definitive masks from Halloween II, Halloween III, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween: Twenty Years Later, and Halloween: Resurrection, while the rights to the actual mask from Carpenter’s 1978 film, as well as Halloween 4 and 5, remains at Rubie’s Costumes.

This recreation of the ’75 Kirk that became the original Myers mask is undeniably the closest thing possible for avid collectors, who will love following in Wallace’s footsteps in altering and customizing the new release to match the Myers mask from the first Halloween movie perfectly.

Sculpted by Justin Mabry. according to the official website, the 1975 Captain Kirk mask is simply “based on the most sought after mask in mask-collecting”.

You can view a new look at the mask below, and then pre-order yours from Trick or Treat Studios here.

You can view photos of lots more new 2017 masks from Trick or Treat Studios in our gallery here!

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Matt Artz

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