Spirit Halloween 2021 First New and Returning Animatronics Confirmed

Spirit Halloween has been having some fun with some really cool viral marketing teasing some of their upcoming releases in recent weeks, and now the first new-for-2021 animatronic is officially listed and available to buy online, as well as some returning favorites that are also now confirmed.

Spirit’s 2021 marketing kicked off when a number of Halloween enthusiasts, including Halloween Daily News, were sent a mysterious sneak peek box with various clues and hints about some of this year’s animatronics. You can watch our unboxing video here. Next, they released an official teaser video which further hinted at some of what we suspected based on the promo box and dropped more clues. You can watch our teaser video breakdown here.

Then last week we and a few other enthusiasts were again contacted, this time through a direct message on Instagram, in which Spirit sent us a teaser poster, for which you can watch our full breakdown here.

Most recently, over this past weekend, some updates were made on Spirit’s website, including the “New Arrivals” section of the animatronics, which includes returning favorites like the life-size Sam from Trick ‘r Treat and Krampus from Michael Dougherty’s film of the same name, as well as the life-size Ghostbusters terror dog static replica, and the massive 7.5-foot Stranger Things Demogorgon static prop. Spirit originals now confirmed to be returning for the 2021 season include the 3.4-foot Punctured Pete and 4.1-foot Angeline animatronics from 2020. All of these are currently listed as in stock and ready to ship, and you can click on any of the Affiliate links above to shop now.

The first new animatronic from Spirit Halloween 2021 is named simply “Barry,” and according to his official backstory, he was actually the first person ever bit during “the first zombie apocalypse.” He managed to get home before the transformation took place and locked himself in the cage that he and his wife used for their oversized cockatiel. The bird didn’t make it, but Barry’s wife couldn’t bear to part with Barry. Now she feeds him raw meat through the bars and falls asleep to his groaning at night, as he growls with a flapping jaw and upper body movement that wildly shakes back and forth.

He is listed as 2.4 feet tall, but that must be a typo, because he is also listed as being over 50 inches tall, so he’s actually more like 4.3-foot in height.

Priced at $149.99 and currently shipping now, the Barry animatronic is available to buy online here. You can see him in action in the video below.

Shop Spirit Halloween here!

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