Spirit Halloween 2024 Animatronics Lineup Fully Revealed! Michael Myers! Art the Clown! Ghostface!

Spirit Halloween has just fully unveiled their lineup of new 2024 animatronics in a new video, giving us our first official look at new Michael Myers, Art the Clown, Ghostface, and Corpse Bride animatronics, and many more, some of which are already available to order online now.

While the full lineup is previewed in today’s video, which you can watch below, some new 2024 releases are available to buy online now here, including the new 6.2-FT Cotton Candy Dan for $330; the 6.1-FT Cremator for $200; the 3-FT Gravestone Ghoul for $180; the 7.9-FT Mack Straw scarecrow for $180; the 3.5-FT Demonic Gatekeeper for $200; the return of the 6.5-FT Towering Creepy Clown for $230, and more

Check out the lineup with direct product links below.


6.2-FT Cotton Candy Dan – $330

6.1-FT Cremator – $200

3-FT Gravestone Ghoul – $180

7.9-FT Mack Straw scarecrow – $180

3.5-FT Demonic Gatekeeper – $200

6-FT Night Terror – $100

6.5-FT Towering Creepy Clown – $230

3.5-FT Cerberus three-headed dog – $130


The new 6.3-FT Michael Myers animatronic is officially licensed from Halloween II, featuring bullet holes and blood splattered on his coveralls and the blood tears from the film streaming down his mask, as his right arm stabs up and down moving at the shoulder holding a kitchen knife as his turns from side to side and his upper body turns at the waist, while breathing audio and generic “Halloween themed music” plays. Priced at $280, he will be available to order here.

The new 6.2-FT Ghostface animatronics includes two different interchangeable masks; one aged as in the recent Scream VI and the other bloodied, with a head tilting motion, and, most exciting, it features actual audio by Roger L. Jackson, the voice of Ghostface in the Scream movies, saying lines from Scream VI. Priced at $280, he will be available to order here.

The officially licensed Corpse Bride Emily animatronic stands 5.8 feet tall, with blinking eyes and side torso motion, as she speaks phrases from the movie. Priced at $300, she will be available online here.

The officially licensed Corpse Bride Victor animatronic stands 6 feet tall. Priced at $280, he will be available online here.

As we previously reported, Spirit’s Art the Clown animatronic stands 6.2-FT tall with side to side waist and left arm movement as he honks his horn with his right hand, including removal sunflower sunglasses. He is priced at $200 and will be available to order the first week of August here.

7-FT Ringmaster

6-FT Nibbles the Clown

7.7-FT Bobby Strings

6-FT Barnaby the Bear, $280 IN STOCK NOW!

6-FT Wanda Webworth

4.8-FT Dark Princess

10-FT Giant Death Ray

6-FT Twitching Banshee

You can watch them in action in today’s reveal video and our video report below.

Shop more currently in stock Spirit Halloween animatronics here.

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